New paper accepted in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

I am glad to announce that our paper "A Refinement of Expurgation" (joint work with the University of Cambridge - U.K. and Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Spain) has been accepted for publication in the journal IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.

The paper is about reliable communication over noisy channels. Here is a brief description:

In the paper we show that for a wide range of communication channels and channel code ensembles with pairwise-independent codewords, with probability tending to 1 with the code length, eliminating an arbitrarily small fraction of codewords from a randomly selected code results in a code attaining the expurgated exponent. Our result is especially interesting since, for most communication channels and ensembles, the expurgated exponent is the largest known error exponent that can be achieved. Broadly speaking, the error exponent of a code is a measure of how quickly the probability of error goes to zero as the length of the codewords grows.